Reasons to Keep Your Garage Tidy with Wall Accessories

LV.MDN.WeldedCompleter-thumb When you look into your garage, does it look like a tornado tore through a storage unit? For many people, this extension of the home is in disarray for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s from a lack of time or proper storage capabilities, items are strewn about not really having a place to be kept. However, installing wall accessories can help you keep your garage organized and well maintained.


It can be maddening when you’re looking for a specific tool or piece of equipment that you need in order to complete a home repair task. You know you have the item, but you can’t find it under all of those boxes, power tools and various gardening equipment.  (more…)


Why Everyone Should Seek The Advice of an Architect Before Renovating a Property


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 Buying a ‘fixer upper’ is often a choice people make for one of three reasons; the building is beautiful in itself, in a beautiful spot, or maybe financial constraints mean that this is the only avenue available to someone who wishes to own their own property. Of course, there will be other reasons why people are driven to take on such a challenge.

Derelict properties are often only worth the land they sit upon. Sometimes the building may be listed and, therefore, demolishing it and building new isn’t an option. This often leads to properties standing empty and unused for years as the cost of renovation will be more than the property will be worth when complete. (more…)


Is a Micro Apartment Right For You?

Micro apartments are one of the latest trends in real estate, but are these tiny dwellings a lifestyle that’s right for you?

While some cities will classify a micro apartment as anything under 500 square feet, most micro apartments are usually 300 sq. ft. or smaller. Typically, there are no separate rooms for the kitchen and bedroom, and many will share a communal outdoor space. While living in the tiny space requires an adjustment, there are many advantages as well.

Creative Design

With tiny spaces to work with, micro apartment renters are coming up with creative ways to design their living space.   (more…)


Home Improvements Still Going On

This is indeed a long term project.  We  started  this  ten years ago and up to now  it is still going on. I guess, this home improvement for our retirement home will take some more years. I would say, another  5-10 years depending in the finances. Until we will retire there, I believed  it is already done.

IMG_4081The terrace/patio which is still going on. I hope the workers can already paint it before I arrive there…soon!

I am really proud of this  project. It cost a lot of hard work and money but it is slowly paying off because as of now,  we are seeing  the concrete  results and the house is already standing. (more…)


Concierge Services For a New Move

Ever wish that concierge services could be provided to people who move to a new city, region, or state?The isolating feelings that can arise when entering a new place for the first time can be overwhelming. This is especially true when a new renter or homeowner has to coordinate new utilities and services for where they live. After a move, it may be difficult to compare and contrast different rates between utility businesses, finding services for the new apartment or home, or just knowing a general directory of places in the new city or region. (more…)


How to Build a Simple Pergola

There are fewer things more satisfying than building something unique with your own hands. DIY pergolas for your home are a great project. They’re fairly easy to construct, and you can even purchase a kit with everything you need included.

What is a Pergola?
A pergola is an open-air structure with four corner posts and a roof that can be left open and airy or covered. The roof can be ornate and gabled roof or flat; either way, they can be constructed to match the roof-line of your home for a clean, seamless line. They’re commonly used to provide shelter for an outdoor room or walkway. (more…)


Making Changes To The Home Exterior

Changing the exterior of the home is an important part of maintaining a home and its value. The exterior of the home can support many different changes, and a specialty contractor can handle these changes with ease. The homeowner simply needs to make a choice concerning which changes they want made.  (more…)


When Appliances Go Bad

Do you need a new appliance for your home? Has your refrigerator stopped working or stove stopped heating? If so, then it might be time to look online for appliance deals. There are companies that offer free shipping or if you live in the same area as the company, free delivery to the home. Most companies will install the appliance it is delivered. There are some appliance companies that don’t charge sales tax if the product is shipped to certain locations. When looking online for appliances, you can easily compare one brand with another. There are various products such as dishwashers, air conditioners, and laundry appliances.   (more…)


It is Time to Start Spring Clean-up

Hello everyone! I am back here again! How  is it going to all of you especially the last weekend of  March? I hope  everything is fine and you are all in great shape. I believed,  I already overcame my jet lag, or I would say my bus lag since it was a bus trip that I had recently in Europe. The holiday was great and we did experienced a lot of places. (more…)


Working From Home? Convert a Bedroom into a Traditional Study

Do you know what the cloud is? The chances are that if you work from home, a lot of that work will be done over the internet, In its simplest form, the cloud comprises online storage space for files and applications for creating and editing them.


More people than ever are finding that working from home is now possible thanks to this modern technology, and employers are often open to the idea.   (more…)



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